The Best Newborn Baby Photographers in America!

When your little one enters the world, you’ll have everything ready from the crib to the car seat to the clothing your new son or daughter will wear. Those purchases will start from the moment you find out about your impending arrival. Your choice of a newborn baby photographer should start as soon as possible too.

Here at, our goal is to find you some of the best newborn baby photographers in your area. So, you won’t have to visit endless numbers of websites and fill out inquiry forms to find your perfect photographer. In short, your time is extremely valuable and we are here to help you find some of the best newborn baby photographers in America!

Things to look for and to ask when looking for the Best Newborn Baby Photographer

When you start looking for your newborn photographer, look at a few websites to figure out the style you want in your photography. All photographers are different and offer different styles of newborn photography.

In Home lifestyle sessions are one style of baby photography sessions offered by photographers. This style of baby photography will use the client’s home, the baby’s nursery, and furniture in the house for the backdrop for the session. They capture images of the parents and family interacting with the baby in the home setting. 

Another style is a posed newborn session. This style of newborn baby photography is what you see most often from newborn photographers. Usually the newborn baby is photographed naked and on a beanbag with various types of blankets. It also incorporates the use of wraps, bowls, chairs and other props to pose the baby.

You should decide early on the style of newborn session you would like for your baby. You’ll be investing in your first moments as a family with your new little one. There’s only one chance to capture those first moments.

Once you’ve figured out your style, it’s time to find the best baby photographer! This is the time to start asking the professionals the questions you may have. This process should start as early as possible since you’ll be researching on their sites. Most photographers are incredibly busy in the studio. They’re dedicating much of their day to handling newborns. They can’t always answer the phone. So we have compiled a list of things to focus on when you’re checking out their websites!

  • Do they have a business license, offer session contracts and carry liability insurance?
  • Are they up to date on the necessary vaccines needed when working with newborn babies (DtaP vaccine – diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) and a recent flu shot?
  • How much experience do they have?
    • There are no real qualifications for a baby newborn photographer. That’s why it’s tough to find the right one. Anyone with a camera can call themself a seasoned professional. There are no real certificates or qualifications for this profession. Check their website or ask them how long they’ve been in business, ask about their training and how many newborn baby sessions they do a week, month and year.
  • What do their reviews from customers say?
    • It’s vital that the majority of their comments and feedback are positive. If there are negatives, take that into account. Not all negative reviews are cause for alarm. Some people have unrealistic expectations, and it’s important to keep those in perspective.
    • The overwhelming majority of the reviews should be from happy customers. Those are the ones who were satisfied and kept going back to the same studio for more images of their growing family.
  • Do they specializes in newborn?
    • The professional you choose should specialize in newborn photographs. When you find a studio that covers weddings, newborns, senior moments, lifestyle and maternity, pet photography you’re going with someone who has a wealth of surface knowledge about each style. But, they’re not going to be a specialist.

We’ve found some of the best newborn baby photographers in the United States. Allow us to help you narrow down your choices and show you the best baby photographer for your newborn and baby portraits!

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