Gender Reveal Photo Sessions

Gender reveal photo sessions can be done in two ways! The first route is to find out the sex of their child during the gender reveal photo session. Essentially, your photographer is trying to capture a sense of genuine surprise in each of their images. Often, the photos convey raw emotion, such as happy tears, gleeful squeals, and huge smiles. This method involves parents asking their doctor to seal an envelope with their child’s gender, which they then give to a friend or family member who keeps the secret and helps plan the photo shoot!

The second route, which is more popular, parents already know the sex of their unborn child. A gender reveal is a creative way to reveal what everyone already knows! The parents usually plan these and your photographers job is to catch the genuine surprise look of all your guests!

Regardless of what you choose, you’re gonna have a blast. The best part is that it only requires a little effort on your part!

Are you looking for that perfect gender reveal photographer?

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