Is it customary to tip photographers?

In terms of tipping etiquette for photographers, there are no simple rules. For some types of photoshoots, tipping is expected, for others, it is partly expected or is becoming a norm, while other types of photoshoots are not expected. The amount or percentage that you tip will also vary based on the type of photoshoot.

Generally, if you feel your photographer went above and beyond during your photoshoot, then you are welcome to tip. It is not a standard practice, however. The following is a detailed breakdown of tipping etiquette for different categories of photography.

Newborn and Baby Photographers

Photographs of newborns and babies capture a very special moment in time. Parents and family members treasure these photos for years, and tipping is not necessary. Thank you notes, online reviews, and referrals are always appreciated.

Wedding photographers

The question of whether or not to tip your wedding photographer is often overlooked until the big day comes, and if the answer is yes then how much should you tip? Yes, that’s the simple answer. A wedding photographer is likely to spend an entire day capturing every special moment on your big day, so tips are generally expected. It’s up to you how much you tip wedding photographers. The photographer, not the company owner, can be tipped $50 to $100 at the end of the night or the beginning of the next day. If your photographer delivered some outstanding shots on your wedding day, you might give a small tip at the end of your day and a larger one when you receive the photos. While you are expected to tip a wedding photographer, this is not the case for engagement photos. Taking the time to thank them is a great way to show your appreciation. You can always write a review online and/or refer your friends to the photographer.

Headshot Photographers

A headshot photographer is a valuable resource for professionals who want to get their face out there, literally. It doesn’t mean, however, that you should tip a headshot photographer. For a headshot photo session, there is no expectation of tipping. The general rules of etiquette still apply, so writing a good review and referring others is an excellent way to show your appreciation if the service was outstanding.

Family Portrait Photographers

Tipping a family portrait photographer depends on a number of factors. Generally, you do not need to tip a portrait photographer if they are a novice, work in a department store, or belong to a studio. If you hire an independent photographer to take portraits of you and your family, you are often expected to leave a tip. If the family portrait photographer goes the extra mile, consider this tip a friendly gesture. In this case, no more than 5-10% is required.

Maternity Photographers

You don’t need to worry about gratuities when it comes to your maternity photoshoot. A tip is not expected for maternity photoshoots. There is no need to tip anything beyond the flat rate since the photographer is likely to charge an hourly rate.

Portrait Photographers

Tipping a portrait photographer is not common practice. Portrait photography sessions are often based on a flat rate, which means that the photographer has already taken into account how much work it will take to capture a beautiful portrait.

Senior Photographers

High school senior photos capture the moment when a student closes a major chapter in their life. However, tips are only expected if the photos are amazing or if you felt that the photographer went above and beyond. Tip senior photographers no more than 10% if you wish.

Final Thoughts On Tipping Photographers

To conclude, hopefully these guidelines will ease your mind when it comes to tipping your photographer. You’re paying a photographer to enhance your life, so don’t let the tipping question add to your stress. Make the most of the moment!

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