When booking a newborn photographer, here are some questions to ask

This article post is for you if you’re thinking of hiring a newborn photographer! When you’re booking your newborn photographer, consider these questions!

  • How much do you charge? It’s easy for parents to think every newborn photographer is the same and the costs will be similar. Unfortunately, that is not the case with baby photographers! Just like with anything else, cost should be considered. But you usually get what you pay for! Make sure you ask your photographer how their fees are structured. There are some photographers who charge an all-inclusive rate. For others, there’s a session fee plus digital images and prints fees. Make sure you ask before you book!
  • Can you tell me about your training? There’s no regulation for newborn photography right now. This means newborn photographers don’t have to get any qualifications before they start working. It’s possible for a novice photographer, with no experience handling babies, to set up shop and call themselves a newborn photographer! So be vigilant and only use reputable, experienced, and professionally trained photographers. You should ask the photographer how safe posing is done. Your baby shouldn’t be forced into positions that make them uncomfortable or put them in danger. A baby should never be suspended or put in a basket or box that could topple over. It’s important that the baby is relaxed and comfortable at all times. Find a photographer who has a track record of satisfied customers and high standards of professionalism. Experience is equally important. Experienced newborn photographers are great with babies. Having worked with tens, if not hundreds of babies, they’ll know how to pose your baby safely and comfortably, and soothe even the most unsettled babies.
  • Is it possible to accommodate my needs? There may be newborn photos you’ve seen that you’d love a photographer to create for you. Make sure you talk about it before the shoot so you’re on the same page with your baby photographer.
  • Can I bring your own props? Maybe you want to include a family heirloom or sentimental item in your photos. Is your photographer cool with that? Likewise, if you don’t want props in your photos, tell your photographer ahead of time. You might also have a specific theme or color scheme in mind. Find out if the photographer can customize the styling for you. If you want to make sure you get what you want, you should let the photographer know ahead of time about your preferences with regards to styling and colors so they can deliver them. Most photographers will shoot in lots of different ways during the shoot, so you’ll have plenty of pics to choose from.
  • What’s the wait time for my images? It’s normal for photographers to spend time editing and perfecting your photos after a session, and they should be able to tell you when you can see a gallery to choose from. Ask the photographer what’s possible if you need your images quickly.
  • Is my due date available? Popular newborn photographers are booked months in advance. You don’t want to find the perfect photographer but then find out they’re unavailable after your baby is born. Avoid disappointment by booking early.

I urge you to think about these things before choosing a newborn photographer. Then you can be sure your photographer will deliver what you want, and photos that you’ll treasure forever!

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